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At Starr Detroit Academy, we believe all children can and will be successful in a supportive and challenging academic environment. As educators it is OUR responsibility to create opportunities for students which promote their personal and development and academic success.

Starr Detroit Academy is designed with several core principles in mind. We believe all children deserve a rigorous College Preparatory Curriculum, which is standards based and individualized to meet their needs; an Extended school day and year for more time to learn, and a Warm-Strict School Culture to promote character building, responsibility, integrity and perseverance. We believe that everyone can learn, even our teachers. For this reason, we are focused on Data-Driven Decision Making which drives instruction and provides data for regular Professional Development and feedback loops. Finally our Parents are critical partners who we engage with to complete this work. These core philosophies, combined with several strategic initiatives, will ensure students meet grade level standards and close the achievement gap.

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